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Seahorses have developed a set of advanced procedures and systems that assist people to communicate more effectively. These innovative methodologies are called:

  1. SPECS.
    The Seahorses Persuasive and Educational Communications System (SPECS) helps people to create focussed and effective presentations and correspondence. This means that you can use these sophisticated methods to quickly develop and deliver a structured logical message, which is informative, interesting, and highly persuasive. Just a small proportion of these techniques have been covered in the book PERSUASION & INFLUENCE, which is being hailed as a ‘ground breaking enhancement to effective communication’.

  2. SATS.
    The Seahorses Advanced Tendering System (SATS) is a best practice methodology that optimises tender responses. SATS has been used successfully by many organisations to deliver win rates in excess of 80%. This level of success is achievable because SATS ensures that the response is highly persuasive. Just as importantly, the processes and procedures encapsulated by SATS help to ensure that the response is efficiently delivered, without the normal worries and problems.

By applying these processes, Seahorses has successfully helped numerous business and Government organisations to:

  1. Enhance Sales and Marketing.  
    Both the SPECS and SATS processes have been widely used to enhance sales and marketing outcomes for numerous organisations.
    In particular, these systems are very well suited to Business to
    Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) marketing; because they can be applied to noticeably improve your customer’s acceptance of the sales message.

  2. Improve Presentation Skills.
    The SPECS techniques can also help you to boost your business presentation and communications skills. This covers everything from your presenting techniques, through to the way in which you use visual aids like Microsoft® PowerPoint®. These methods are useful for anyone who needs to provide information or persuade other people.

  3. Improve Training Procedures.
    SPECS greatly improves training procedures, to enhance retention and understanding of the information being provided. Independent research has demonstrated that these procedures improve comprehension and retention of information by around 40% immediately. Additionally, in the longer term, people receiving training using these methods retained up to 200% more information than other study participants who were trained using standard techniques.

If you would like to know more about any of these advanced methods, you can get in touch with a Seahorses representative using the information on the Contact Us web page.