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Persuasion & Influence

The way people persuade or influence others
has changed forever.
 This book moves away from
the traditional hit-and-miss methods of persuasion, by applying real science to this fundamental business
and life skill.   

From a business perspective, the very practical process described in this book allows anyone to rapidly create a truly persuasive message, which is very easy to understand, and highly influential. Because this proven approach can be used to create very real business
success, it is becoming essential reading for leaders, managers, marketeers and sales people.

Additionally, the techniques described in this book
can be used for almost any endeavour. For instance,
you can apply these easy-to-use techniques to develop
a winning presentation for a multi-billion dollar contract, or you can use the same types of approach to communicate more effectively with your spouse. This is the power of the universal principles described in this book.

You can access the soft copy documents referred to in this book by clicking on the hyperlinks listed below.

Additional Information

The following documents expand on information provided in the book:

  1. Allocating Time.pdf
  2. Building Acrostics.pdf
  3. Collecting Information Examples.pdf
  4. MBTI_Introduction.pdf
  5. TeamPreparation.pdf

Practical Exercise

The following files provide a practical example of this advanced approach:

  1. Practical Exercise.pdf
  2. Swift Sure Presentation.ppsx


The following forms can be used to help you develop your message more quickly and efficiently:

Emblematic Analysis.pdf
Logic Selection Table.doc