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Welcome to Seahorses

If you want to:

  1. win important tenders;
  2. improve your sales and marketing;
  3. successfully develop and deliver critical business presentations; or
  4. create training courses that really improve retention and understanding….

You have come to the right place

Seahorses is a world leader in optimising communications, because
this organisation has developed a set of superior systems and methods, which:
  1. apply advanced research into the way that people rationalise and understand information, so your communication can be structured
    in an inherently logical way;

  2. uses innovative psychological profiling techniques to identify how different people think, so you can deliver your message in a way
    that will naturally be embraced by your target audience;

  3. can be used to control the perception process of an audience, by
    leveraging sophisticated, but easy-to-use processes, which have
    been developed from extensive research in psychophysics;

  4. takes the guesswork out of developing persuasive and effective
    communication, so people can quickly and efficiently create any
    type of message (everything from letters and tenders, to lectures
    and sales presentations)

  5. shows you how you can use presentation tools like Microsoft® PowerPoint® to substantially improve your audience’s
    understanding and perception of the message; and

  6. employs advanced delivery techniques that cover issues as diverse as understanding body language and voice control, through to the use of optimised formatting to improve written communication.
These advanced Seahorses methodologies can therefore be applied to help you achieve success in your business and personal endeavours. For more information on these methodologies please go to What We Do